Career Growth & Development

Al Khaseeb Company conducts regular performance appraisals to monitor employees' capabilities, achievements, readiness for greater responsibilities, and areas for improvement.We encourage employees to take ownership of their professional and personal development. Financial and educational support, such as training, mentoring, counseling, etc., is provided based on identified needs. Both supervisors and employees are encouraged to suggest suitable courses for professional development.


We invest in the training and development of our employees, recognizing them as our most valuable asset. By equipping our workforce with the necessary expertise, we foster a confident, highly qualified team that works together efficiently, continuously improving and striving for excellence. Periodic training sessions, facilitated internally or by external experts, are provided to enhance skills and knowledge.

Career Progression

We offer various career movement schemes to motivate and retain high-performing individuals, providing opportunities for maximizing their potential. As we create better business prospects and challenges, employees are encouraged to proactively develop their competencies to take on higher responsibilities. Al Khaseeb General Contracting Company Limited supports employees in their professional growth by providing necessary resources and opportunities.





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