Hiring Process

We recognize the importance of the Iraqi local market and the wealth of manpower resources it offers. Our hiring process is tailored to leverage the talent within Iraq and ensure the recruitment of qualified professionals who align with our values and objectives.

Talent Sourcing

We actively engage in talent sourcing initiatives within the Iraqi local market, including partnerships with local recruitment agencies, job portals, and professional networks. This allows us to tap into the vast pool of skilled individuals available in Iraq.

Job Advertisement

We promote our job vacancies through targeted advertisements in local newspapers, industry-specific publications, and online platforms that cater to the Iraqi audience. This ensures that our opportunities reach qualified candidates within the country.

Screening & Shortlisting

Our HR team meticulously screens and evaluates applications received from the local talent pool. We carefully assess candidates' qualifications, skills, and experience to identify those who meet the specific requirements of each position.

Interviews & Assessments

Shortlisted candidates undergo a comprehensive interview process, which may include multiple rounds of interviews and assessments. We assess candidates not only for their technical capabilities but also for their alignment with our company culture, values, and work ethics.

Local Talent Development

At Al Khaseeb Company, we believe in nurturing local talent. We provide training and development opportunities to enhance the skills of our employees, promoting their professional growth and empowering them to contribute effectively to our projects.

Compliance With Local Regulations

Throughout the hiring process, we ensure compliance with all relevant local regulations and labor laws. We prioritize fair employment practices, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination.

Manpower Resource Optimization

We strive to maximize the utilization of local manpower resources by providing opportunities for career advancement, skills development, and on-the-job training. We believe in investing in our employees' potential, enabling them to grow within the company and contribute to the development of the local workforce.





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